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Born in...

...Boston, MA to Jamaican immigrants, I am an American actress who always knew I was born to entertain. My love for the arts started early, attending the Elma Lewis School of Fine Arts from the age of 6 and participating in several stage productions. I began private piano lessons shortly thereafter, as well as dance and vocal training at the Boston City Lights. Although I completed a business degree in management at Howard University and a successful career in corporate America, I have always been active in dance and step groups. I was even a founding staff member of the Capital Fringe Festival. Eventually, I left the business world behind in 2011 to move to Los Angeles and pursue my heart's true calling. 

I am proud to say I am now a full-time screen and voiceover actress who can sometimes be found with my writer and producer hat on set for several web series, shorts and the sketch comedy troupe, The Melanated Report. I am a teaching artist and studio administrator for Actors Play LA and I also provide private coaching and self-taping services. 

I currently reside with my 4 pet children in Hollywood, CA.

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